H O M E              B I O                S H O W S               ( F R )

  H O M E                    B I O                      S H O W S                    ( F R )

H O M E            B I O             S H O W S              ( F R )

Montreal based singer songwriter Karine Ste-Marie has been composing since the age of four. Having a true passion for words and music, she let her voice take her places she’d never even dreamed of, always inspiring new stories. “The Grand Voyage”, a self-produced album project invites us on this journey with her.

You can now buy my new album « The Grand Voyage » on iTunes.


A special thank you to this project's Indiegogo + partners! ​

  • Martin Ste-Marie
  • Johanne Paquin
  • Francis Bédard Pétrin
  • Solange Lefrançois
  • Samia Omari
  • Karine Laprise
  • William Jelbert
  • Katy Vachon
  • Simon Robitaille
  • Ryan Baird
  • Laurie Michel
  • Daniel Tremblay
  • Yvon Bélisle
  • Catherine Laviolette
  • Gerard Garcia
  • Jean Remillard
  • Pascal Dugrenier
  • Olivier Morissette
  • Stéfanie Graindlair-Laroche
  • Geoffrey Yang
  • Lyne et Paul Ste-Marie
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